Based on the expectations of our customers, we strive for the best; are abreast of developments in technology and supply all the neccessary materiel for our working environment. Sustained quality and customer satisfaction is our primary target.


Our company, starting as a mere trading company, offers now plasma, laser and oxygen cutting, shearing and bending. It is our aim to be the extended workbench of our customers.

Our company provides professional solutions and serves with 85 employees the needs of our customers. With two staff in the customer relations, 15 in the administration department, 70 on the shop floor and two in the delivery bay.



Total Area
Years of Experience


Our roots reach back half a century. Over the last years we have become increasingly more professional and grew in size.

  • 1977


    The foundations of Telefoncular are laid.

    Our founder Mr Hulusi Çınar starts to trade in flat steels, offering also mechanical cutting and bending as a service.

  • 1990

    First steps towards a corporation

    Telefoncular is now a limited company

    As of its establishment Telefoncular Profil Ltd.Şti., our organization decided to institutionalization. The branding process with the name of TELEFONCULAR is managed by Çınar family by making regular investment to the production technique and implementation, training and discipline of the personnel and satisfaction and demands of the customers.

  • 2005

    Steel Service Center

    Telefoncular - a brand on national and international markets

    Our company which provides services in national and international prestigious projects with the brand of Telefoncular, added Telefoncular Steel company for reinforcing its experiences and talents in structural steel sector. As the result of the investment made to technology and information accumulation, it has completed its studies for carrying out activity in the area of 15.000 m2 for completing its growth targets. With the completion of said investment, the company started to become expert in high resistant steels

  • 2011


    Telefoncular keeps pace with the developing and changing sector.

    Telefoncular Profil Ltd.Şti has expanded its national stock network in Import High resistant steels and Erosion Steel and has provided cutting and flexion services in accordance with the technology, skills and projects of the customers.

  • 2016


    Telefoncular gets its new identity

    As of February, Telefoncular Profil Ltd.Şti. has started innovation process with its new logo and title "Telefoncular Metal Ltd. Şti" in transition to valuable outcomes like product, method or service

    Today, under the management of our chairman ÇINAR Bey, we provide service to the current customers over 900 as "Steel Service Center" with the flat steel product processing capacity of 30.000 Ton/year, 90 personnel and the facility on 15.000 m2.

  • 2018


    Telefoncular sets a higher standard

    The five-year-capacity-and-investment plan, updated in 2016, foresees a 100.000 m2 facility, with a 50.000 m2 indoor area and a 50.000 mt annual production capacity.ich is updated in 2016.