About us

The War of Independence Veteran and the holder of the Medal of Independence 'Mustafa ÇINAR' (1898-1961) returned to his home town Obruk in Konya after the war ended.

In 1927, he started to work in the Post, Telegraph and Telephone General Directorate (PTT) of the young Republic, responsible for the maintenance and repair of the communication lines that passed through the district where he lived.

Since Mustafa ÇINAR was the only person responsible for the telephone in the district where he lived and his name was constantly associated with telephony, his Family Nickname would become 'Telefoncular' after a while.

TELEFONCULAR, which started its journey with retail steel sales in 1972 and was a sole proprietorship in the name of Hulusi ÇINAR at that time, changed its sector in 1977 and started  to engage in mechanical sheet metal cutting and bending processes.

Branding and institutionalization steps were also taken in 1990. Currently, it serves as a solution partner with expert staff, 42 years of experience and 46 high technology machines at its facilities established on an area of 15.000 m2.

It is a leading company in commercial SHEET PLATES and shaping of flexible and abrasion resistant steel sheets.

Telefoncular metal brought the demands of its customers to a maximum point on utility balance as RAEX distributor in Turkey as of 2018.

Telefoncular Metal has been incorporating the latest technology since the day it was established and continues to be the vision of the sector in sheet metal processing and metal shaping.